Rep Tech Controls, Inc.
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About Us

Rep Tech Controls was established in 1993, we are a manufacturer's rep sales agency that sells electrical power, control, automation and power transmission equipment.

  • Outside sales staff with an average of 24 years experience in all phases of the Electrical Industry
  • Active member of National Electrical Manufacturers Representative Association (NEMRA)
  • Active member of Power-Motion Technology Representative Association (PTRA)

Our sales staff consists of highly motivated product specialists with an average of 24 years experience in the electrical industry. We are a company that abides by the following set of principals:

  • Upholds the highest professional standards of ethics and performance;
  • Is customer focused and committed to providing outstanding service;
  • Understands that their most valuable asset is their knowledge of customers, territories, and industries, as well as their principals and products;
  • Are experienced, effective and efficient in all areas of the rep business, especially multi-line sales;
  • Provides customers with a reliable method of vendor reduction by offering multiple products and services from multiple manufacturers.


Where can I purchase products?

All products offered by our manufacturers are available through a network of stocking distributor partners or direct depending on manufacturer. Call us toll free at 866-749-4635 or 405-447-8113 for the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the distributors servicing your area.  Our inside sales support staff will help you with any quotation request or technical issue you may have.

Value added Distributors, systems integrators, panel builders and/or engineering support all can be key elements for meeting your design requirements.